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Hello! I’m Steven Simpson. I’m a husband and father of 3, residing in Chilliwack BC. Like you, I realized that you shouldn’t have to walk around your house wishing it looked just right.

I had spent many years as a mechanic and heavy duty mechanic before finding my niche in painting. After painting for 6 years, I started my own business as With The Grain Painting in the summer of 2020. I am now a licensed and insured painter. I paint with all the right tools and the highest quality paint to ensure the job is done right.
With the Grain Painting isn’t just a company, we are an experience.
We understand painting can be hard and choosing the right company can be difficult.
What makes us different is we have the utmost respect for every client, keeping the project organized and clean while providing unmatched workmanship with the top of line products, resulting in a high-quality paint job that you become amazed and excited every time you walk through your house.
With the Grain Painting IS quality painting done right!
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