Doing It Yourself Is Just a Pain.
We Get It.
It’s such a headache. You want a colour change, but you feel overwhelmed and indecisive about how to do it properly. You shouldn’t have to walk around your house wishing it looked just right.
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Get Your Paint Job Done Right

Pick the Right Colors
We’ll help you make your house look more updated and in style with colours you love that put you in a better mood.
Know the Painter
We stand behind our product. Working with us is risk-free. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with us working in your house BEFORE we step inside.
Get It Done Right
We paint with all the right tools and the highest quality paint to ensure the job is done right.

Here's what our customers say:

We understand that painting can be expensive and hard to get right. Our owner, Steve, is also a licensed and insured painter.

"Steve has been a real pleasure to work with. His professionalism and passion put him above and beyond the competition.

I strongly believe he will exceed your expectations."

-Justin C.

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"They made our tired-looking house of 40+ years look brand new!

I've received many compliments from friends and neighbours."

- Brenda G.

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"Steve is awesome, and his work (is) too! He is punctual, tidy, and very personable.

A great job, and I recommend him to anyone."

-Cheri P.

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Here's How We Work:

1. Message Steve
Send him the details for the project you have in mind, along with some pictures of the job.
2. Schedule a Time
Let's meet to see if you feel comfortable with us working in your home. Also, meeting you will give us a chance to see your job in more detail.
3. Get It Right
Feel amazed and excited from the new paint job when you walk through your house.

Benefits you get when you decide to work with us:

We stand behind our product
With the Grain Painting isn’t just a company, we are an experience.
We offer a 2-year warranty
With the work that we have done, we will fix some minor damage (scuffs, nicks, the odd hole in the wall).
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Skip the headache of DIY. Feel amazed and excited with a fresh new look.
Quality paint
We choose the best paint for your project that will last and look amazing.
Don’t worry about messing up the new paint either.
Get the job done right.

At With the Grain Painting, we know that you want to be amazed and excited every time you walk through your house. In order to do that, you need a high-quality paint job.

The problem is you want a colour change which makes you feel overwhelmed and indecisive about how to do that. We believe you shouldn’t have to walk around your house wishing it looked just right.
Here’s How We Work:
1. Message Steve
2. Schedule a Time
3. Get the paint done right
So, get an estimate so you can stop wishing for the perfect colours and instead become amazed and excited with colours that make your house look more updated and in style.
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We understand painting can be hard and choosing the right company can be difficult.
What makes us different is we have the utmost respect for every client, keeping the project organized and clean while providing unmatched workmanship with the top of line products, resulting in a high-quality paint job that you become amazed and excited every time you walk through your house.
With the Grain Painting IS quality painting done right!
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Many painters don't do it right...

When we work together, you avoid:
Using poor quality paint
Getting the ‘vibe’ wrong
Not knowing the person in painting your house
Seeing a thin, patchy paint job
Getting damage improperly fixed
Neglecting your specifications
Missing walls that you thought would get painted
Seeing really bad or crooked cut lines (the line where two colors of paint meet)
Feeling stuck with cheap paint that doesn’t look right

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